UNIK Media Solutions is created in 2009 to answer the specific demands of clients who looked for creativity, high quality and a fast solution to their needs.

Companies like HBO Latin America, Disney Media Networks, Sony Entertainment Television and Televisa Networks, among others, discovered an ally in UNIK, a company that can develop creative and high-end products, with the ability to answer fast and move along with modern times.

AAlthough still very young, UNIK has managed to make a name and find a place for itself as a creative boutique, working in the fields of graphic design, photography, programming, communication, editorial design, production, logistics and others.


Our headquarters are located in Montevideo, Uruguay, an ideal and strategic location.

Working inside the Aguada Park Free-Trade Zone, we work with the entire world from inside a platform of global services, offering competitive production and distribution costs for merchandise and services, not just in South America, but across the globe.